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Website News

More content, more virtual groups
Updates include:
- Two videos for our "A Rhthym Of Life" Initiative.
- Daily Prayers by Rev Karen
- Launched Virtuali-Tea Church Coffee Morning
- Launched the daily Prayers on Zoom
- Crosby Circuit Book Club Launched on Facebook
- We've been busy :)
Posted on: 26th Mar 2020
Massive Revamp
Updates include:
- Our New Facebook Presence
- Events Diary now filling up
- Brand New Youtube Channel
- New look Front Page
- We rolled out "A Rhythm of Life"
- Over 2 days of coding and optimisation
Posted on: 21st Mar 2020
Social Media
Updates include:
- Our New Twitter Presence @CrosbyCircuit
- Events Diary now functional
Posted on: 12th Mar 2020
Preaching Plan uploaded
Updates include:
- Snow now switched off
- Preaching Plan uploaded
- Updated the Preaching Plan page - now includes autodetect.
- Updated the Web News page
- Updated the Jobs page - now includes autodetect / autonumber.
- Updated the Churches page to include websites, and other details.
- Events page added.
- More coming soon.
Posted on: 5th Feb 2020
Privacy Policy uploaded
Updates include:
- Stuff in the background.
- More designs, etc.
- Updated / Spellchecked, etc.
- Added Privacy Policy
- Added SEO
- More coming soon.
Posted on: 9th Jan 2020
What's New?
Updates include:
- Snow
- Mission Documents page
- Website updates page has been given its own page
- Date last updated and who updated it.
- Preaching Plan page added, needs preaching plan.
- Standardized Formatting of all pages.
- Added placeholders for images on front page.
- More coming soon.
Posted on: 3rd Dec 2019
Lots More Pages now Online
Website constructions is going ahead, at full speed. With new pages (not all are full) and lots of information coming fast, we are really rocking.
Completed Pages include
- Home page
- FAQs
- Jobs
More coming soon.
Posted on: 2nd Dec 2019
We're online!
We now have a website, wooohoo. At the moment, it's undergoing construction, and will be updated regularly, to keep you up to date with what's going on, and more information around the circuit.
Posted on: 20th Nov 2019
Covid-19 and the Crosby Circuit.
The Methodist Church has a page to bring you up-to-date information about Covid-19 and the re-opening of Church buildings in the Methodist Circuit.
Click here to read the latest news from the Methodist website.
Updated: Regularly